David South


David South in Canada



“This War” ARR REDR 1016 DS

Of the lucky 13 songs on “This War” only 3 are not South originals, yet this is David’s debut CD – and he has a second in preparation with more self-penned material. The title track, “B & B” and “Have We Learned Anything Yet” ram home his strong anti-war sentiments, “Could Have Been” and “These Dreams” raise the ghosts of childhood and adolescence; there are songs of lost love, lost sense of place, lost direction, misdirection…………plus some good-time rock n’ roll. What more could you want?


“B&B” – David South from “This War”.



“3667” ARR REDR 1031 DS

David South’s new album is now available! A strong selection of original songs  with a few old favourites from his performance repertoire: the originals range from his hard-hitting social commentaries, through love in long-term relationships to his personal life-attitude to his fun times walking his dogs on Tandle Hill. The album is dedicated to Roger Bucknall of Fylde guitars who created and maintains the Orsino model – serial number 3667 – and the mandolin that David uses to such great effect on this CD. Excellent stuff!!


“Lights In The City” – David South from “3667”.