Pete Ryder


Pete Ryder is one of the most atmospheric songwriters alive today and we have here the definitive collection of his work. His sophisticated guitar work is evident throughout, supported by high quality guest musicians, laying a solid foundation for those famous world-worn vocals and earthy B-picture epic stories set to carry you away.


“Last Chance” ARR REDCD025

Although he had been involved in several recording projects, this was Pete’s first officially published album in any format and it appeared in 1996. With melodic help from Fiona Simpson, Brian Willoughby and others, it was produced at Dave Howard’s Redwood Studios and features, among a strong set of originals, the classic “Nat Shapiro’s Time” with “Drinking at the Last Chance Saloon” and “A Sit-Down Song & Dance Man” – all essential tracks. If you’re a Pete Ryder fan, then this is the CD you need!


“Hey Charlie” – Pete Ryder from “Last Chance”.



“Indian Summer” ARR REDR 1007IS

Pete’s second official album from 2004 featured another brilliant set of original songs, this time produced at the Acoustic Redeye Records Studio. High-lights are “Angry from Manchester”, paean to Memphis Blues “Beale Street in my Bed” and the amazingly atmospheric tribute(?) to the Gallic legend Johnny Hallyday “Still on the Metro Walls”.


“The Ghost of Every Lover” – Pete Ryder from “Indian Summer”.



“Castoffs & Castaways” ARR REDR 1010CC

Assembled in 2006 from a variety of arcane sources this collection was intended to fill in some of Pete’s history for neophytes and to tickle the memories of his longer-standing fans. Although much restored, audio quality is variable because of the sources (some of the available material had to be rejected for this reason), but there are some wonderful live cameos with Pete at his best in concert. The real gem is the inclusion of Pete’s ultra-rare 1972 Parlophone single tracks “Cameron” and “Snowy” recorded to promote his African tour of that year, but there are songs that Pete laid aside decades ago and even a couple of covers – “Yankee Lady” and “Sporting Life Blues”.


“Unforgiven” ARR REDR 1034UN

The latest CD from Pete is entitled “Unforgiven” and is now available in limited quantities from Pete himself; the album launch (or launches) will be held after the current virus panic is over and cleared, so we cannot give fixed dates and venues. The record features a well-chosen mix of covers and originals (a low-res. sample of one – The Key to Traitor’s Gate) is available to hear below), all but one new to Pete’s CDs – there is a stunning new arrangement of Indian Summer stalwart “Postcards From Memphis” as the disk’s finale. You’ll have to keep an eye on this website for more news, but I will update you as things become more concrete.

“The Key to Traitor’s Gate” – Pete Ryder from “Unforgiven”