Ted Edwards


“Ted Edwards At Wigan” Ted Edwards


This is a live recording of a complete Ted Edwards gig, that is unique in itself, but it has the extra boost of Ted at the top of his game! Recorded in 1984 on a cassette recorder means that we’re not talking studio quality sound here, but it’s been cleaned up and it really is good enough to capture the electric atmosphere that Ted generated in those days. Anyone who needs to be told about Ted’s background as adventurer, explorer, trainee astronaut, mountain climber, tamer of wastelands – he was the first to walk across Iceland solo and the film of his foot crossing of the Empty Quarter of the Sahara (Beyond The Last Oasis) is still remembered by the millions who saw it on BBC TV. His catalogue of songs, including the musical “Peterloo” is exceptional by any measure, as testified by the many artists who have performed and recorded them. Sample the quality here!