John Cartain & Redmayne


“Jean Harlow” – Redmayne REDR 1027 RM

Redmayne rode the crest of the late 60s Folk wave until the continual touring took its inevitable toll and the band split in 1976. Popular demand and general public nagging caused the group to reform in the middle 80s, but day jobs, age and family limited their appearances to the present day. Under the circumstances, this album provides a fascinating glimpse into the talents of that excellent young band at the peak of their powers.

Here is a sample track from “Jean Harlow”, it’s “The Wedding Song” –



“Lobster Lad” – John Cartain REDR 1028 LL

This album is a resurrection of a 1992 solo project by Redmayne founder member John Cartain. All but one song were written and arranged by John alone and the odd track out was from the pen of fellow Redmayne stalwart Peter Connell with John’s input on the chorus tune. The sheer variety of style and lyrical sophistication makes this such a fascinating collection with mood ranging from the poignant, via the driest of wit, to the hilarious. Recommended listening!

Here’s a low-res sample of the title track “Lobster Lad” as an example:-



“Dreaming of Yesterday” – John Cartain REDR 1030 DY

Here’s John’s latest CD as promised, a follow-up to “Lobster Lad”. It holds a dozen original songs, all written and arranged by John, and featuring his singing and instrumental prowess. His performances are bolstered by a bevy of his good friends, all Redmayne stalwarts, while his songs range as far as those on his previous records, from poignancy, through biting satire to comedy, although always with humanity and vision.

Below you’ll find that we’ve included a low-res sample of the final track “Wings of Eagles” to whet your appetite.


“On The Road Again” – Redmayne REDR 1032 RM

At last, the new Redmayne CD just in time for Christmas and what a fine album it is! They describe the CD as “a typical Redmayne mix of accompanied and a capella songs” which rather undersells it and plays down the range and versatility displayed here. All acoustic accompaniments and beautifully arranged complex harmonies throughout, this is just stunning. We will post a sample track from the album as soon as we can.