New CDs on the way:-

Tom Travis has a new live album called “Bluegrass Ancient & Modern – Live!” which was officially launched on August 20th. It features Tom singing with an All Star band of hot young Bluegrass musicians, all of which are from the top of the Talent Tree! I’ve heard the tracks and can only say that it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard. Here is the press release:-

“New Recording: Bluegrass Music Ancient & Modern – Live

 UK Bluegrass pioneer, Tom Travis, made his first bluegrass album, The Bluegrass Sound of Tom and Smiley in 1968. It sold in great numbers around the world.

Many albums later Tom has, for his latest recording project, joined with a brilliant bunch of young pickers, comprising the group, Jaywalkers and another of his Brit bluegrass friends, Stu Williams. Jay Walkers are at the same stage in their music careers as Tom was around fifty years ago. Bluegrass, when Tom learnt it, was a rural, blue-collar, male dominated, hard-drivin’ new music.

Since bluegrass music gained a larger audience after acceptance by the folk music revival of the 1950/60s, it now displays the effects of its urbanisation. The learning environment in which the young musicians on this recording developed their licks, has produced bluegrass music that is nuanced, refined and betrays the influences of jazz, rock and any other genre that happens to appeal to whoever is playing it at the time. Two styles meet on this disc – hence its title: Bluegrass – Ancient and Modern.

Tom has known Jaywalkers’ members, Jay Bradberry- fiddle; Mike Giverin – mandolin and Lucille Williams – double bass, since they were kids and came to his notice through their outstanding musicianship. Tom also knew Lucille’s multi-instrumentalist brother Stu Williams, from Stu’s many appearances as a boy at The Edale Bluegrass Festival – which Tom ran for many years, and where Stu won various prizes for his instrumental prowess. On this recording, Stu plays five-string banjo.

For the fun of it and to indulge their long-held friendship, Tom, Jaywalkers and Stu Williams play occasional gigs together. On some, Dai Thomas, the proprietor of recording company Acoustic Red Eye, where Tom’s recordings are produced, agreed to be sound engineer. Dai recorded the performances and it is from these recordings that the tracks on this album were chosen.”


David South‘s latest is still in preparation and should be available early next year, with a compilation album planned to follow!

Tom Travis also has a fascinating new novel available, details of which can be viewed on his Artist Page.

Dai Thomas has re-mastered his antique offering “Songs From The Ragged Backside of the American Dream”. The old one has sold out after some years and was unavailable for months and needed some updating, so he’s finally got around to reissuing it. It is now available, so get in touch if your old copy is worn out!